MostViral.Video is a website which finds the most viral videos of the day by examining how videos spread across and within different social networks. Videos are sourced from the "trending" or "viral" sections of YouTube and Rumble. Note that these sections measure video views strictly within their own platform. On the other hand, our technology measures how quickly the videos are spreading within and across certain external social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter [requires separate subscription to Twitter's Premium API]) over the course of a day. This website is a demo of a customized version of MostViral.News - which finds the most viral news stories of the day, but can be customized to find the most viral of any type of content. REST API access and customized source code is available for purchase from the MostViral.News website, which also has a full breakdown of how the technology works. Note that YouTube was chosen because of its obvious dominance in the sphere. We decided to additionally include Rumble because it is growing incredibly fast, and has branded itself as a free speech video sharing platform that encourages users to post content that is often banned from YouTube. Interestingly, despite the fact that YouTube is roughly 4000x more trafficked than Rumble (~8B vs. ~2M uniques/day), the top content on Rumble is at least as talked about as the top content on YouTube - often even more so. This is most likely because Rumble has branded itself as a free speech platform and is known for often hosting content that has been banned or demonitized by YouTube. This results in more polarizing content, which is thus more widely discussed. This website automatically updates just after 7 PM CST, so if you are awaiting today's data but the last updated date is yesterday, try refreshing the page after 7 PM CST.


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